Monday, December 31, 2012

2013 Challenge

Up until about two years ago, we always had at least one yearly challenge that we set.  We've had a rough two years and haven't really done that.  2012 has ended on a rough note as well, but we feel like we want to set another challenge.

Our 2013 challenge is that we are not going to eat at the same restaurant twice.  If you know us, you know that we love to eat out.  In fact, it is pretty much our only vice.  The problem is that we live in a small town, with limited options and when we do go into Austin, we find ourselves going to the same places over and over again.  Here are the rules:

1.)  We cannot eat at the same restaurant twice.
2.)  If the restaurant is a franchise, we can only eat at one restaurant in the franchise for the entire year.  For example, if we go to the Taco Bell in town, we cannot eat at another Taco Bell in a different city.
3.)  Ice cream visits do not apply.  There are a limited supply of ice cream restaurants so we can visit the same places for ice cream treats.
4.) If we go out to eat with friends or family, we can eat at a restaurant we've already eaten at if the other party chooses the restaurant.
5.) If we do go on a vacation, we will try to adhere to the rules, unless there are no other options available.

We are excited about the challenge and looking forward to the new restaurants we will be able to visit.  Does anyone else set challenges?

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